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Create Experience

out of what you already are expert in, share your resources, recommend something from your bookmark list, establish your reputation, show your passions. We are all multifaceted, the world conditions us to specialized in one thing and ignore all the others, all the social media just focuses on one thing, but in reality, each of us is so much more. This website is all about asking you to present all sides of you, experts in both local and global topics, whether you want to act as a tour guides, a knowledge provider, a service provider, to showcase your skills, introduce local culture, or global thoughts…, become an author on and present all those endless possibilities in one place.

Promote your Products

If you are a creative and have to offer more than experience/service promote¬†your products, diy projects or artworks. Each of these are telling a story about yourself. Don’t be shy in expressing what you truly are.

Create Community

It all comes down to old fashioned community building where trust, good values and organic growth dictate the system. We are here to help foster local communities over common goals with global mindset.

Promote Entrepreneurship

We are all entrepreneurs at heart, however just some of us are lucky enough to be grabbing the right idea at the right time with the right people. LocalGlobalist is here with the mission to promote entrepreneurial activities and foster relationships and communities that create positive environment both online and offline

Why Open Source

What if we lived in a world where it is much easier, straighforward and faster to build trust with each other? Where creating something meant going online, learning from the best, and then building something new alone or in collaboration from open source products, all available on our copy/paste machine called internet? Well, we are already part of this world, a growing trend, and here are some resources that might help you understand the economical revolution that is happening right now.